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Josh Coats is a PUSH Coach, member of the John Maxwell Team, and founder of Legacy Leadership. He trains some of the top leaders in the network marketing industry, speaks for events and trainings around the country, and runs online courses to help people just like YOU to get results in their biz. He combines high energy with practical truths to help you to get over your fears and excuses, and put in the work it takes to get RESULTS!


Last month I hit SC 29 and built my husbands account, this month I hit SC 60 and 14 in his account and I'm NOT done yet! I have pushed to sign 5 new coaches who are working and plan to just keep going! I still have a couple more days in January. I used to hold off in case I wouldn't get anyone for the next one, now I build so much momentum and belief I just keep going. I DOUBLED my income from last month and like I said, I'm not done yet. I was a DIAMOND and now I'm ONE STAR QUAL and I will meet my 6 weeks in Feb! I've tracked my power hour and my business and have been more organized!

Megan Giese

I love his drive and outgoing energy!! I'm so excited to start this journey.

April HawleyFitness Coach

My August SC was 46 vs. my July SC 26. I've always self sabotaged around SC 30, so this helped me bust past that and just keep going. Business coach recruitments July was 3 vs. August 6. I am in my last week of a qualification period for 8 star.

Molly Asplin

Josh is an amazing push coach motivational speaker!! He gets you on fire to reach your goals and helps you realize your full potential. He rocks!!

Angelina Marie OllerBeachbody Coach

I hit SC 22 and signed up 6 coaches. In August, I hit SC6 and signed up 1 coach.

Casey Bocklet

Always inspiring. #truthbombs from #meanjosh that empower you to unleash the best version of yourself. His message and trainings have had a huge impact on my life and business.

Jenny Carpenter

I went from SC 2 for the year to SC 15. No new coaches in 4 months, 2 coaches in March. February sales - $463/$125 income. March sales - $1700/$425 income. 50 new followers on IG in two weeks! Engagement in both Facebook and Instagram has increased. Including in stories.

Jen Borruso

Yes!! Very knowledgeable and helpful with online businesses!! Complete badass!

Emmalee BuzzardHealth Motivator

I got my 1 Star Diamond Rank back!!! I wasn't a very consistent SC hitter. I often have to fight hard to get SC 5. February- SC 0 ; March- SC 18 ; Commissions have increased! Feb- $900. March- $1700. Volume increased. Feb- 3,000. March- 3,000. Recruiting has been especially hard for me but I got 1 new coach this month. I have a long list of potentials now thanks to all my new challengers. April is going to be HUGE! I can feel it!!!

Courtney Herrera