Art of Recruiting


Are you struggling to recruit your dream team?

As a member of the John Maxwell Team, I’ve mentored thousands of network marketers, helping them to overcome their fears and become recruiting champs!

If you’re struggling, I’d be willing to bet you’ve said one of the following (and probably many of the following):

I don’t want to be salesy. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to find people. I don’t make a lot of money yet so how do I post about the opportunity? I haven’t had success yet so how can I properly train others? Why would anyone sign up with me when there are so many other people they could sign up with?

Any of this sound familiar? For over 3 years I’ve helped countless people to get over their fears, create intentional game plans, and build incomes that have retired themselves and their spouses from the 9-5!

This is the most complete training I’ve ever put together, and goes far beyond just recruiting. This is an entire business makeover!


So what makes my group different than training sessions you’ve done with others and your upline?!


  1. Mindset Makeover. I was mentored and trained by John Maxwell and I ALWAYS help you to fix your mindset FIRST!! In three years I’ve trained 5,000 + in training groups from YOUR industry. That means I’ve heard 5,000+ questions, struggles, excuses, and limiting beliefs, which means I know what YOU are going through and that’s what I address in this group!
  2. Full Business Makeover. Recruiting is the product of doing many other things right! This doesn’t just give you a few scripts to send to 100 people, my training teaches you how to post for engagement, how to build relationships, how to ask for the sale, how to follow up, how to track your biz, and specifics like how to brand on IG and run ads on FB!
  3. Implementation. You’ve learned lots of great things from your upline and other trainings, but no one made you DO IT!!! I’ve taken this whole training and turned it into a daily activities list that turns it all into a simple daily game plan! Simple for you to implement, and simple for you to DUPLICATE to your downline!
  4. BONUS MODULES. Because I personally mentor some of the top recruiters in the industry (people who recruit between 10 and 30 people per month), I have them record bonus content to tell you specific things they are doing to implement my system and get results!!

So if you’re ready to put in the WORK it takes to grow your biz, I’ll give you everything else you need to make it happen!!! This training is NOT for people who want to “try,” it’s for people who are ready to DO!!!


3 reviews for Art of Recruiting

  1. Molly Asplin

    My August SC was 46 vs. my July SC 26. I’ve always self sabotaged around SC 30, so this helped me bust past that and just keep going. Business coach recruitments July was 3 vs. August 6. I am in my last week of a qualification period for 8 star.

  2. Kelsi Gygi

    SC 26 and 5 coaches ! But that’s not all ! Still have some enrollments out that I am sure will be filled out after this busy weekend ! This group has been a total game changer for me ! 💕 I stabilized my spouse account and held through the last 4 weeks of my 2 star bonus while in this group and my 2nd CBC will be DIAMOND Thursday💎💎💎 (all coaches and emeralds in place) all becuase of this group ! 3 star qualification here I come ! I was a classic “bare minimum” person , hitting SC 6-10 a month with 2 or so coaches a month . NOT ANYMORE !

    💪🏼 my residual income is growing now that my TEAM is growing and I’ve been able to help duplicate for them – and of course my commissions are double what they were with my SC numbers so much higher !

  3. Karen Vaughan

    Before this group I had signed zero coaches, only had 4 SC points in over a year and was struggling with self confidence and product confidence. I knew Beachbody and Shakeology were amazing but I did not have the confidence in myself to be able to share it without self-persecution. Because of this training I have gained the confidence in myself, my mission, my business and our product as well as me as a coach. You have made me realize that I am being selfish when I do not share my successes and our products, especially the coaching opportunity. The trainings from top coaches have allowed me to utilize the tools you gave us within challenge groups and free groups. They have given me the backbone to be able to build off of. Since I started this training I have 20 SC points and signed 6 coaches. As you can guess my income before this training was ZERO. I get a paycheck just about every week and am making about $200-$250 a month at this point. I am pushing for 4 more SC points by the end of the month to gain access into the SC Party at Summit. UPDATE: I pushed and for the 20SC points and earned my trip to the Success Club party at Summit. I also went from Coach to Emerald and I am working with a couple of my coaches currently to be signing coaches and getting their businesses off the ground. I am pushing for Diamond by Summit. Oh YEAH, and because of the requirements to workout everyday I lost 18 pounds, many inches and my clothes are getting looser everyday!

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