Josh Coats

“If your goal isn’t big enough to make you want to puke, it isn’t big enough. #letspuketogether”

After traveling the country playing music for several years, Josh realized his life wasn’t headed in the direction he wanted. He was investing hours of time, and constantly leaving his family behind to pursue a dream that wasn’t rewarding them.
Looking for a new direction, Josh found himself listening to hours worth of podcasts a day while detailing cars at his day job. Through this new love for personal development, he discovered John Maxwell, who he then became tried and certified through.
In Josh’s first year of business as a life coach and speaker, he made roughly $500 and signed a total of two clients. But he didn’t give up. He instead trusted his own quote, that said “Your outward success is an expression of your inward growth.”
In year two, Josh found his niche in working with network marketers. Messaging everyone on the planet, speaking on team calls, and doing dozens of free 1:1 coaching calls, Josh was able to build momentum and eventually quit his day job, and had his first $10k/month.
In his third year he would go on to build a business that trained thousands, speaking for 2k plus each month on his own monthly webinars, speaking in multiple cities around the country, and 10Xing the income he had previously made at his day job.
Josh’s greatest pride is the creation of his PUSH Life Community, where he is building up a community of hundreds of entrepreneurs who are dedicated for LIFE to pushing for their goals!



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