#014 Power Affirmations for Leadership, Confidence, Recruiting, and Prayer

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Recently I’ve been thinking about the problems because faced by network marketers and while riding around in my car, I got fired up to write a few affirmations for people based on what I commonly hear the most that they struggle with.

I’m going to call these my Power Affirmations!



I am a leader. I am a powerful leader, and not because I know a hundred and fifty thousand leadership principles and laws, but because I act on the ones I do know.  I do not need to know everything there is to know because I understand that experience is my greatest teacher.  The greatest way to learn is to get out there and do something. So even when I do fall on my face, it’s a win, because I gained a valuable lesson. I lead people by constantly taking the next step in my life and helping others to do the same. I don’t have to get from A to Z to be successful, nor do I need to help others get from A to Z to be successful. The only thing I need to do is get from point A to point B and help others to do the same. The action that others take is not a measurement of my leadership, it’s a measurement of their leadership. So I will grade myself today on what I do, not on what other’s do. Today I make the decision to lead regardless of the response I see. I choose to make a difference because that’s what I want to do. I am a dealer in hope and I am my best customer. I’m smoking all the hope and I’m drinking all the Kool-Aid. I inspire others to live their best lives because I believe in their best lives. Leadership comes easy to me because I know what people are capable of with or without my help.  I am just honored to be a part of helping them.


I am a confident individual, not because I lack weakness but because I possess strength. I take time every day to focus on the strength that I do have. I’m celebrating everything that I have to give to this world and never comparing it to what others have to give. I understand that my role in this world is just as important as anyone else’s. My story is just as powerful as anyone else’s, my life is just as meaningful as anyone else’s is because I believe that everyone’s life is meaningful, I’m showing up today to inspire someone else to find their meaning. I will not let this world down, I will not let my family down, I will not let my creator down, I will not let myself down.  Others having success does not mean that I cannot have success in fact, it is proof that success can be had. So today, I will celebrate all success that I see knowing that it is confirmation that I can also see that same success.


I am a Rockstar Recruiter. I take time daily to remind myself what kind of impact this business has made on me and I remember that this opportunity has the ability to change lives. I understand that the value and energy I give today will be duplicated back to me 30, 60, and 100 fold as long as I invest it into good ground.  So, today I’m intentional about giving value and energy and also about who I invest it in.  I am not wasting time trying to convince people.  I’m standing as a lighthouse in the ocean calling out.  Those who want life, hope, energy, and opportunity are lining up to join me because the light is so powerful and shines into the darkness for miles. While I’m happy to seek others out and to offer this value, I don’t need to chase them around, convince, or manipulate them. I seek what I find.  Today, I am seeking other confident, powerful, motivated people and therefore that is what I find.  I’m asking my creator to bring these people across my path so that’s what I get.  I’m knocking on every door of opportunity and they are there for opening up to me.


You have given me this heart, this purpose, and this passion so I don’t take it lightly. But I also don’t try to take it alone. Today I’m asking for your strength, your creativity, your charisma, and your hand.  Will you help me to add value to others and inspire them to live out their purpose and passion? Will you give me words to say that will light others on fire? Will you give me tools to help me reach more people with hope than ever before? Will you bring me divine connections? People that need what I have and been asking you for an answer? Will you drop me in front of people that need to hear what I say, and give them open ears and open hearts to hear it? Will you make my words like a bolt of lightning that will pierce through fear and limiting beliefs to inspire others to commit long-term to the life that they really deserve. Thank you for partnering with me today. By myself some things are possible but with you, all things are possible.

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